Sole d’Estate Agriresidence

Close your eyes and imagine a landscape untouched by time, a huge silence broken by the sounds of nature and sensations of a slow life. This is our Sole d’Estate!

Housed in an old barn used to stock foodstuffs for our animals, the Agriresidence Sole d’Estate is set in a farm in which the work related to agriculture and breeding is still daily carried out and set in a biodynamic system, in the full respect for nature and the environment.

“I lived with the winds, with the woods, with the mountains. A thousand and a thousand times I have placed my head on the trunks of trees, stones, rocks to hear the voice of the leaves, what the birds said, what was said about running water. I saw the dawn and the sunset, the dawn of the moon in the immense solitude of the mountains, I listened to the songs, the traditional music and the fairy tales of the people.”
Grazia Deledda I was born in Sardinia – I lived with the winds

Our Residence

From the ancient barn, seven apartments have been created, enhanced by wooden ceilings and furnishings.
The wooden porches, which overlook a beautiful green lawn, will allow you to experience the outside in a comfortable way, surrounded by the colors and scents of nature and horizons that, depending on where you will rest your gaze, can culminate over the sea or on the archaeological valley on the back of our Sole d’Estate.
In the inside you will find the essentials amenities to make you fully enjoy the relaxation you are looking for.